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Magic the gathering: Amonkhet

Magic: the Gathering finally leaves the colorful and rebellion world of Kaladesh shifting away from its revolutionary and rebellious theme to a much darker world of Amonkhet. MTG Amonkhet is the 74th Magic The Gathering Expansion. Magic: the Gathering Amonkhet release date is expected to be on April 28, 2017 but with the Amonkhet release […]

Hearthstone Journey to Un’goro: Give me a quest!

Hearthstone Journey to Un’Goro’s release date has recently just passed and people are already loving all the new mechanics and the new journey to un’goro all cards it brings along with it. Since the launch of the game, Hearthstone’s new Journey to Un’Goro expansion is one of the most successful expansion releases from the nine […]

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Nintendo Switch: Who gives a switch?

After the subpar Nintendo 3ds and Nintendo 3ds XL sales Nintendo needed something that could bring them back into the console war and there answer was the new Nintendo Switch! In this Nintendo Switch Review we’ll a take a closer look at the console and see whether it could live up to the hype it […]