Monthly Archives: May 2017

Magic The Gathering: Is There An MMO In The Works?

We’ve been playing Magic the Gathering as a card game for quite a while, and with the new Magic the Gathering Amonkhet expansion which has brought with it amazing Magic the Gathering gameplay and artwork. The MTG community has never been so lively, but what if we told you it gets better? Surprisingly, it does. […]

Nintendo Switch: Console of The Year?

After a bit over four years, Nintendo at last launched their new gaming console the ”Nintendo Switch” to jump back in the console market. If you’ve already gotten your hands on the Nintendo Switch you might also want to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe which was released on 28th April. After Wii U and its […]

Destiny 2 With World of Warcraft Tokens?

Activision is dead set on making Destiny 2 a hit on the PC which will be available exclusively through Blizzards Launcher which means you can get Destiny 2 for Free using World of Warcraft Tokens! How do World of Warcraft Tokens get you Destiny 2 for free? It all started back in February when the […]