Destiny 2 With World of Warcraft Tokens?

Activision is dead set on making Destiny 2 a hit on the PC which will be available exclusively through Blizzards Launcher which means you can get Destiny 2 for Free using World of Warcraft Tokens! How do World of Warcraft Tokens get you Destiny 2 for free? It all started back in February when the rules regarding World of Warcraft Tokens changed. World of Warcraft Tokens could initially be only used to buy extra subscription time for World of Warcraft but now they can be used to buy anything on Blizzard’s digital market – including Destiny 2.

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World of Warcraft Tokens are special current that can be used to buy pretty much anything that’s available on the Blizzard marketplace but how do you get these tokens to get Destiny 2 for free? World of Warcraft Tokens can be sold in game at the auction house for more gold inside the World of Warcraft game or can be exchanged at the Blizzard marketplace for Blizzard credit which can then be used to buy games. World of Warcraft Tokens can also be used to buy new Heroes of the Storm characters along with Overwatch loot boxes. Since Destiny 2 is exclusively on the Blizzard marketplace you’ll be able to cash these tokens in to get yourself a copy of the highly anticipated shooter.

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This comes as great news for many World of Warcraft players especially those that have quite a bit of excess gold saved up. Since players can use in-game gold to buy World of Warcraft Tokens a lot of World of Warcraft Players started banking these tokens in anticipation of the release of the game. Naturally, this resulted in a spike in the World of Warcraft Tokens Prices which brought the value of a single token to 140,000 gold on the in-game Auction but luckily it has gone back down to 120,000. These Tokens cost $20 when bought with actual cash but the fact that I can easily buy 8 of these with the amount of Gold I’ve saved in World of Warcraft has got me real excited.

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But the best is yet to come! Even if you’re short on gold but have a World of Warcraft Account you can start farming for gold today and easily make more than enough for a single token in a week if you grind enough. Yes, it’s that easy! Getting enough gold in-game for World of Warcraft Tokens to buy a copy of Destiny 2 is highly possible even if you don’t have much experience. If you start saving your gold today and hold on to it or a couple of months you’ll have more than enough World of Warcraft Tokens to get Destiny 2 for free!

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