Difference Between Pokemon UltraSun and UltraMoon

Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon are finally out but how do they hold up against the original Sun & Moon. At hindsight, one will think that nothing has changed since there are no graphics improvements but once you actually start playing the game you come to realize that there are a whole bunch of new features, Pokemon and even areas for you to explore now. To help you decide whether you should but the new Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon games or simply keep playing the originals, we’ve compiled all the new feature and difference in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon.

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New Legendary Pokemon & Exclusives

One of the most notable new changes to the Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon are the all-new legendary Pokémon! Yes, both Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon come with their own new unique legendary Pokemon transformations. In Pokemon Ultra Sun players will have the chance once again to catch Solgaleo which is a steel-/psychic-type Pokémon which in my opinion looks amazing. On the other hand, players will be able to catch Lunala a psychic-/ghost-type in Pokemon Ultra Moon.

But the legendary Pokemon are the only difference in terms of Pokemon since the exclusives for each title are the same as last year. But one thing that is worth noting is that Pokemon locations and battle you encounter have changed considerably making it worthwhile for players that have already played the game to do a re-run of Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon.

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You Can Finally Surf!

When Pokemon Sun and Moon came out many people saw the massive expanses of water and thought they’ll definitely get a chance to surf in the ocean only to be disappointed but luckily Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon manages to deliver on that opportunity. Spread throughout the regions of Alola there are multiple beaches where you can ride a Mantine and surf the waves to do special tricks and earn points which in turn will help you get amazing rewards that you definitely want to get. You will also have the opportunity catch a variety of new Pokemon you can only find in the ocean making this short fun time activity a perfect place to find the right water type Pokemon for your team.

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Major Changes To The Story

While the way the game plays out is pretty much the same there are some major new changes in the later parts of the game that introduces a whole new enemy along with editing some scene to make them shorter to let you get to the combat faster. If you’re someone who hated how much text you had to sit through the last game then this will definitely be more up your alley.

In Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, the enemy will be the legendary Pokémon Necrozoma, a monster hailing from a different universe that threatens to wipe out everything. There’s a new Ultra Recon Squad that you’ll have to fight as well but you won’t be able to see most of the changes until you’ve gone very far I the game but there’s enough new stuff sprinkled along the way to keep you interested even if you’ve played it all before.

Team Rocket Is Back!

After you’ve beaten the game, a new segment opens where you’ll be able to challenge supervillains that are the Alola versions of Team Rocket called Rainbow Rocket. But that’s not all you’ll be able to fight some of the most iconic enemies in the franchise we’ve seen over the last 20 years which makes for some of the best end game contents we’ve seen to date.

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More Quests & Stickers!

If you thought that the original games didn’t have enough quests then Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon has you covered. This time around you can expect a lot more people to stop you to have you do fetch quests or to show them a certain Pokemon which makes for a much more interactive experience.

Another new addition are the stickers that are spread throughout the map to help you guide you throughout the game which you can collect and then trade with Samson Oak to get Totem Pokemon. It doesn’t make the game an entirely new experience but it does make it a bit more worthwhile.

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So, Should You Get Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon?

When it comes down to it, Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon feels more like the Directors Cut rather than a new game. Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon adds new features and content that should have been part of the original game or as a DLC rather than being a completely new game at full price. While it does have a variety of new content you won’t feel the difference till you get very far in the game.

Even though there are some new areas the most notable being Pikachu Valley, the overall additions don’t make it worth it for someone that has already played through the game once. On the other hand, if you haven’t played Pokeon Sun and Moon and are looking to buy the latest Pokemon game then Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon is undoubtedly the best option you have.

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