Magic The Gatherin – Unstable

Over the years Magic the Gathering has introduced many car and booster sets but the upcoming Unstable Booster Pack might just be the most unique or dare I say the most unstable of them all! This set is the third in line for Un-sets after the likes of fan favorites ‘Unglued’ (August, 1998), and ‘Unhinged’ (November, 2004).  Magic the Gathering seems to be bringing the sense of nostalgia back with this card set which will see more than a few players making a return to enjoy the incredibly fun new mechanics that breathe fresh air to the series. What stands out the most is that the mechanics truly live up to the name of the set and add some really interesting mechanics to the fray.

What makes Unstable so unique? For starters, it throws the already established normal rules out the window to deliver a unique and enjoyable experience that is the perfect example of plain unpredictable fun. Before anyone starts freaking it, Unstable is a booster-based card set for casual matches and cannot be used in legal Magic tournaments so for anyone worrying about having to play by new rules in any upcoming tournament you can relax.

What is Magic the Gathering Unstable Card Pack?

Unstable does exactly it as the name sounds, it adds a variety of fun new mechanics like crafty Contraptions, questionable science, unpredictable and predictable die rolls, high fives, and yes, finally Squirrels! Unstable is expected to be released on December 8th and to bring along some wacky fun with it. The new card designed are fun and vibrant with each different mechanic based card have a different faction printed on the card which makes them easier to differentiate. Unstable is set in a steampunk ‘mad scientist world with five major factions and you can tell by their names that this booster pack is not to be taken seriously:

  • Order of the Widget
  • Agents of S.N.E.A.K.
  • League of Dastardly Doom
  • Goblin Explosioneers
  • Crossbreed Labs


New Game Changing Mechanics – or maybe note?

Unstable doesn’t throw a wrench in the gameplay to make it crazy and fun, it throws a wrench in the gameplay in a carefully structured way for controlled wackiness and craziness. One of the most prominent new mechanics in the Un-set are Contraptions that are kind of like Artifacts but not entirely.  They do everything that Artifacts do but except that when they are killed they don’t go to the graveyard like normal cards but rather end up in the scrapyard, a special zone reserved for broken Contraptions.

Each contraption card comes with a trigger ability that can be triggered when the contraption is assembled. There are more than a few cards in Unstable that instruct you or a creature you control to assemble a Contraption. To assemble a contraption, turn the top card of your Contraption deck face up, then place it on your side of the field under your contraption desk’s three sprockets.

But What’s The Point?

Naturally, MTG over the past few years has become a competitive game, a very competitive game that has led to some players distancing themselves from all the competition. The new Unstable set isn’t designed to add more competition but rather to lessen it to appeal to players that just play MTG for the fun of it which is something I can personally appreciate.

Unstable is designed in a way to provide players with a sense of competition while ensuring that no one takes it too seriously or too lightly since it still feels and plays like MTG – just with more calculated certainty and wackiness. This MTG latest set Is a perfect example of how every set doesn’t need to be about adding more competition or adding more depth to the game because sometimes just plain old fun can be the best thing.   With fun and colorful art with wacky names and mechanics, the main purpose of MTG Unstable set is to add more fun to the game for everyone and not just the competitive scene which it manages to accomplish incredibly well.

Should You Buy Magic the Gathering: Unstable Card Set?

If you want a change of pace from the everyday grind of playing MTC to rank higher or just beat someone to prove your better and have an overall good time, then yes buying Unstable Magic the Gathering is a choice that I personally recommend. Just to see what kinds of card you can expect from the new Magic the Gathering Unstable Booster Set you can check out Magic the Gathering Unstable Spoilers that show a fair majority of the cards the booster deck will have.

Even if you don’t plan to buy the Magic the Gathering Boost pack, it’s highly recommended that you check the Magic the Gathering cards online and have a good laugh reading all the new descriptions and card names – you just might change your mind afterward.