Magic the gathering: Aether Revolt

Magic The Gathering: Aether Revolt is the new expansion in Magic The Gathering Card game Franchise. Magic The Gathering is the longest running card game with massive amount of dedicated Magic The Gathering Forums and Magic The Gathering Cards on the market. Considering Aether Revolt is the 73rd overall expansion the magic games have received it brings a lot of new features, mechanics and an actual story that is both unique and enjoyable. Aether Revolt is the follow up to last September’s Kaladesh expansion and serves as a part two in the overall story. With that said, let’s get into the review.

The Story So Far…..

The story behind Aether Revolt is one of rebellion and invention. The Consulate which are a group of high inventors, who once freely allowed invention and innovation to grow in the grand city of Kaladesh, suddenly cracked down on all technology and restrict invention on a grand scale. A group of Renegades, led by Pia Nalaar (Mother of the Fire Planeswalker Chandra Nalaar) has risen up to revolt against The Consulate whom they believe to have been corrupted by the Planeswalker Tezzeret. This breaks the story of from the main narrative and brings us a world which is more complex and filled with a brighter tone than last year’s Kaladesh expansion which is something I can appreciate as a MTG Player.

The games starts off where Kaladesh left off, Aether Revolt has the Gatewatch, or, as what’’s it’s widely being reffered to as in MGT Forums , “the Jacetice League,” fighting against the oppressive and controlling Consulate of Ghirapur, a city on the plane of Kaladesh. If you want to know the full story in depth you can find more about Kaladesh here, and Aether Revolt here.

The Art Of Magic & New Mechanics

Referring to the MGT cards as just cards doesn’t do the artistic talent behind them any justice. The new cards for the Aether Revolt are made specifically to set the tone of a revolution which really is conveyed through the art styles and choice of color which is a recurring hook for the MGT franchise. Besides fabulous new MGT Card Art and the returning game mechanics from Kaladesh, Aether Revolt also introduces a variety of new mechanics and features which adds more depth to the complexity of the magic games.


Revolt is a new mechanic in the game and its use changes depending on the kind of card it’s being used with. It can make your card stronger, add more life to you but it is only activated when a permanent you control leaves the field.


This is a completely new feature which like the name applies lets you improvise. You can tap your artifacts to pay for a spell’s casting cost but can only be used when all you creature and land card abilities have been use. This particular new mechanic can wildly change your game plan considering now you’d be able to activate abilities of mass destruction as soon as 3 turns in the game!


When played after Kaladesh, Aether Revolt seems like a fitting and fulfilling sequel that offers plenty of complexity and depth to the challenges presented by Magic The Gathering but for anyone who’s playing Aether Revolt without playing Kaladesh its highly recommended that you check Kaladesh out first to enjoy the complexity of the narrative.

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