Magic the gathering: Amonkhet

Magic: the Gathering finally leaves the colorful and rebellion world of Kaladesh shifting away from its revolutionary and rebellious theme to a much darker world of Amonkhet. MTG Amonkhet is the 74th Magic The Gathering Expansion. Magic: the Gathering Amonkhet release date is expected to be on April 28, 2017 but with the Amonkhet release date so close we are lucky enough to even get some Amonkhet spoilers and visual spoilers of Magic: the Gathering Amonkhet Cards.

Magic: the Gathering Amonkhet All cards contain a total of 269 cards of which many have been revealed in the Amonkhet spoilers you can check out here. The MTG Amonkhet spoilers bring a lot of details and information about the upcoming expansion and especially the new mechanics. Here’s everything we can expect from the MTG Amonkhet expansion.

Gorgeous Art










The above cards are called “The Invocations” these cards use a completely different font, format, card style and their art looks absolutely amazing! The Invocations were designed this way to make them standout and as you can see each MTG Invocation card has a unique and effective ability for you to use. Considering their use and rarity don’t expect to find any of these without having to pay for premium card decks.

But not all card look as amazing, the Dawn/Dusk cards though have great abilities but look rather messy and the formatting looks weird as well.

New Mechanics & Abilities

After spending so much time playing MTG in the Kaladesh plain it’s really a breath of fresh air to see all these new mechanics and even see some old mechanics make a comeback. First and foremost were seeing the return of the curse and zombie cards. Since the theme is set in Egypt with all the gods of the undead and sun, having zombies and cruse cards back makes a lot of sense.

Thanks to this card we can rest assured knowing one of my favorite abilities “Cycling” is finally making a comeback as well in Magic: the Gathering Amonkhet expansion. With cycling ability you can discard a new card and draw a new one in its place. It’s extremely useful for MTG players like me that rely on a set card strategy.

A new ability is the “Exert” ability. This new MTG Amonkhet expansion card ability is activated when the card owner is the one attacking. When the card triggers the “exert” ability it has a unique ability it can execute. For example, in the above card, when you use the “exert” ability in your attacking turn you can draw a new card.

Another new ability we’ve learnt about from the MTG Amonkhet Spoilers is the “embalm” ability. The “embalm” ability is a big game changer for me. The “embalm” ability is only activated once the card goes to the graveyard. After the “embalm” is triggered, the destroyed card comes back to the field as a zombie type card without any charge of mana as a mono colored white creature.

These are all the MTG Amonkhet Spoilers we have as of now. As the MTG Amonkhet release date draws near we can look forward to more information and details about the Amonkhet expansion.