Nintendo Switch: Who gives a switch?

After the subpar Nintendo 3ds and Nintendo 3ds XL sales Nintendo needed something that could bring them back into the console war and there answer was the new Nintendo Switch! In this Nintendo Switch Review we’ll a take a closer look at the console and see whether it could live up to the hype it created. Initially, it does seem like that the Nintendo Switch had great sales but they are nowhere near enough to get 3rd party developers creating new games for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch: Games

Considering the Nintendo Switch release date price and Nintendo Switch release games there’s a lot of speculation about the whether the Nintendo Switch will make it as a mainstream console. The Nintendo Switch is primarily regarded as a Zelda machine. Rather almost 90% of the people that bought the Nintendo Switch also bought the new Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. But that’s it, besides the new Legend of Zelda: BOTW, there are only a handful of Nintendo Switch games most of which are just ports of more popular games. Even the first party games are bland at best. More games like the new Mario games and Splatoon 2 have release dates sometimes the holidays with no AAA title from any 3rd party in sight leaving the state of Nintendo Switch gaming in a very bad state.

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Nintendo Switch: The Hardware

Even though the Nintendo Switch feels like the perfect hybrid between potable and console gaming there is one major downside to it. In terms of hardware the Nintendo Switch is weaker than the Base PS4 and Xbox One. The Nintendo Switch being weaker than the PS4 and Xbox One does make sense since it’s portable but even when connected with the TV Dock it still fails to deliver smooth 60 FPS gaming at 1080p. Its mobile-oriented Nvidia Tegra GPU doesn’t help in delivering high end graphics. The fact that you can play Legend Of Zelda really feels like a great advantage but considering that the battery only lasts up to 2 and a half hours playing Zelda in portable mode, it really does put a damper on things.

On great thing about the Nintendo Switch is that the Switch seamlessly changes from portable mode to dock mode and vice versa, without there being any loading or wait time!Image result for nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch: Joy Con Controllers

Nintendo shines the brightest when coming up with unique and daring ideas which is exactly what it did with the Switch’s Joy Con Controllers. The Joy Con Controllers are a great innovation and provide great fun. The Joy Cons can be used together as a part of a single controller but can also be used separately for playing coop games. Their motion sensing technology really makes them worth the money. Initially playing Zelda did feel awkward because of the size and the joystick and buttons being so close together but after spending some time you get the hang of it.

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The Verdict

The Nintendo Switch is by all accounts innovative and a step forward in the right direction to bring us the ultimately gaming console. But for now it largely lacks in AAA titles and the hardware specs and upcoming game line-up really makes one wonder whether it will become a mainstream gaming console or be forgotten like the Nintendo 3ds and Nintendo 3ds XL.

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