World of Warcraft: Legion Review

After playing World of Warcraft (WoW) for 4 years straight and investing more than a couple hours a day I decided to quit the game back in 2012. Don’t get me wrong, WoW Mists Of Pandaria was a great game but it was a standalone expansion that drove the story away from the main storyline which the following WoW Add-ons did as well. But thankfully with the release of World of Warcraft’s new Legion me and many more retired WoW players were excited to return to the game and the only thig I can say is that the WoW Legion expansion is definitely worth going back to WoW.  Now I’ve spend well over a month playing the new WoW Legion Expansion and here’s why you should consider coming back to the World of Warcraft as well.

The Story

The most important part that drove me back to the WoW franchise was the return to the core story. The standalone WoW add-ons had been great but the original story is where the fun lies for me. The Legion expansion even changes how the story is presented. Before we only got quest texts and dialogue balloons along with the occasional voice acting but now there are a lot of cinematic scenes along with quality voice acting to make the compelling story of WoW Legion much more enjoyable. In a nutshell, the new Legion expansion feels like the World of Warcraft Movie we all wanted.

The New Mechanics

A key reason why I went back to playing World Of Warcraft were all the new mechanics and features the WoW legion Expansion brought. The best part is that you get 2 level 100 characters right out of the box with one character boost, and also offers the new demon hunter class, which can be leveled up to 100 in the first area. Don’t worry Legion raises the level cap to 110 so you still have 10 levels to gain which is much more difficult than it sounds.

Almost every mechanic in WoW game has been overhauled completely making Legion a fresh experience even for seasoned WoW players.  The most notable change is in the “Artifact” system. Strong artifacts are the weapons you want as soon as possible. Before Legion you’d have to do multiple dungeon raids and quests to end up with a decent artifact but with Legion you can expect to find the strongest artifacts for your class early in the game, they also offer an alternate system for power and talents.

Some classes have also gone major changes which I was skeptical about at first but having to experience same classes in a new way really made for a fun but somewhat annoying experience but not one that would hinder my play style in any way.

Is It Really Worth Coming Back To?

As mentioned before, I’ve been playing the Legion expansion for over 2 months now and what I can say for certain that anyone who dropped WoW because of the lack of new content or story should definitely give it another shot. As for anyone who’s new to WoW Legion it’s highly recommended that you play the prior WoW games and watch the WoW Movie to have a better idea of what’s going on.

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